Kolenkit Films is a creative video agency.

We produce videos for brands, artists, startups, humanity and because we can. We aim to work transparent and efficient and we use our experience to develop strategies and achieve results. 

It might sound like a pitch. Develop strategies! Achieve results! 

Anyway, we like to be challenged. Challenged!

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Liberty Global - Our Digital Workplace
Lara & Yldau Willen Geld - Promo Teaser
Pizza (6 episodes)
Q-Logic - Promo Video
Wildlife Destination - Serengeti
Fritz!BOX - Social Ad
Do Good - Kickstarter Video
Gemeente Amsterdam - Zuidasdok Informatievideo

We obviously work a lot with corporate, mostly because we speak the language, but also because we can deliver under tight deadlines, because we are flexible, and because we deliver on our promises. We love translating corporate goals into a workable script. In our experience, the sooner we get involved, the better the results.
We have experience, feel free to use it.

But there is more. We have the ability to help tell stories. And some stories need to be told. That’s why we enjoy helping artists, startups and good causes for either a reduced rate, the cost price, or no charge at all.

Get in touch.